Jason walking, Laura learning

Jason has officially started walking at 13 months.  One day he decided to take a few steps, then he walked a few more to my dad, and then all on his own. So far, it's not been much harder for me to care for him yet. I just find it so cute to see him accomplish new things.

Jason does like to sit on me,kiss me and the newest thing is lifting up my shirt and kissing my back.  He is usually a good little boy except he is obsessed with trying to turn on my wheelchair, drive it, and climb into it.  Jason still likes playing with cars. Now his favorite toy is a red fire truck made by green toys. He just pushes it everywhere. 

Jason also recognized stuffed animals and gives them hugs plus kisses.  It is cute to hear him go, "aww!"

Laura has been doing some amazing things as well. She likes to work ahead in her math and reading homework. The school uses Raz Kids and she loved it. She has also earned up a level in her swimming lessons.  Laura has been in swim lessons since 2 and it's great watching her tackle new challenges. In June, she has a karate test and maybe will be an orange belt. 

Laura is definitely a learner. She enjoys figuring things out on her own. I think she rather read non fiction than fiction. In the morning, she will help me get Jason out of his crib if he is awake. She gets a kick of him watching her getting on the bus. When she leaves, he says "uh oh!"


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