Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let's go to the dentist

Last Monday, I got the right side of my mouth done. I wasn't as knocked out as I was on the left side. I'm still not one hundred percent but I'm happy it's done!

On Thursday, Jason had his first dental appointment. His insurance has been telling me that when he gets a tooth, take him.  I took Laura when she was closer to three so I could explain it to her. I am a firm believer on healthy teeth because it makes life so much easier!

I'm hoping Jason will not be fearful next time we go.  He cried and wasn't a fan. The best part for him was getting a toothbrush to play with and a squeaky frog.  He did get floride and I was told all is going well. Jason is teething big time too.

Jason was able to sit on Crystal's lap to help him feel comfortable. I was both amused and saddened when the dentist said he didn't have cavities. What 15 month would have cavities?? Then it struck me, some parents just give sugary drinks, not healthy food or never brush teeth.

He goes back in November so hopefully all goes well!

What parents forget....

Too often parents forget who they are talking to and just speak. Yes, this is a vent blog post. No parent is perfect because no human being is perfect. However, it makes my blood cold and body cringe when I hear a parent speak harsh to their child over and over again.

Do they not realize that their feelings are fragile and words hurt? Words stick for years and even a lifetime. Is it necessary to be so rude just because they are your child?

I try to diffuse a situation with love and humor. My patience will be tested and it's hard not to lose my temper. However, I feel words are loving, knowledgable, or weapons. Adults teach kids how to use their words. Do you want to raise a harsh mean kid or a kind loving one?

Stop. Think and Love.

Forms of mothering

Being a mother with limitations is a lot different than without any limitations.  I remember the early years with Laura where physically I couldn't do everything and it would kill me when she'd run to a caregiver over me. But I know now to be patient and present. Laura and I have a solid relationship. 

For a few days, I was concerned about my relationship with Jason. I felt concerned that he wasn't seeing me as his mommy. It was silly looking back at it. Jason definitely knows I'm Mommy.

He listens to me and likes sitting on my lap for hugs. He comes to me when he's tired. He will lean on me and likes our peek a boo game. Jason claps when I sing to him. MWhat I can't do physically, I try to make up for by always being present and verbal. I always tell him words for whatever he's looking at or playing with. I pick up his toys, kiss him constantly and comfort him. Recently, Jason started saying mama and will look at me.

Laura's father passed away when she was 6 months. So raising a young toddler with a partner is different. It's nice to see their bond grow. Jeff takes him out to parks, car shows and spends time with him. Jeff makes me feel good when he listens to my advice and usually follows my style of parenting. 

Jason ia now 15 months. He says Mama, Dada, Laura, baby, uh oh, what, bye, and hi. He is very intelligent and figures out things quickly. When we tell him no, he stops 90 percent of the time. 

Like every mom, I worry if I spend enough time reading to him,educating him, and playing with him. But that's all part of any mother worries.

Not so harsh

I find it hard to hear and understand why people speak harsh or no clue how words hurt. It just takes a few minutes or seconds to think about what you are saying. Love isn't harsh. If you love someone, words should reflect that even if you are angry. If you can't even muscle up nice words, don't speak.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May is a fun month

May has been a fun and busy month. We were miraculously given a van, Mother's Day, festivals and getting ready for end of school year. I have always liked May.

Laura's school had a Mother's Day tea last Friday.  A few days before, she excitedly told me that her classmates figured out where I could sit so I could be by her seat. She was also thrilled by the fact that she could feed me cookies and hold my iced tea.

I had to hold back my tears as she read her top ten list aloud about the reasons why she loved me. Laura used to be so painfully shy that she would hide behind me. To see her read aloud and actually volunteer to do so plus all reasons why she loved me was almost too much for me.

The Saturday before Mother's Day we went on a long walk. We went to a local farmers market, ate and on the way back, thought we were going a short cut but ended up taking us longer! I was sunburnt! The kids were ok.

My family came over for dinner later on and had fun. It's always nice when we all get together. Jeff sweetly managed the food, set up and clean up.

On Mother's Day, she gave me a similar list. My attendent helped Jason make me a card by tracing his hands and feet.  Jason says new words now - baby is the newest.  He also says ball.  He is getting very good at nesting toys by size. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A miracle has happened again.

Life isn't always easy, but God is always present. He knows what needs to happen and it might not fit into your ideal plan, but it's His perfect plan.

My van had some serious issues and has been draining our resources.  One night I woke up in a cold sweat about worrying if the van would break down or no longer drivable. How would I get my kids where they needed? How would I simply do my day to day errands? How can I keep my kids safe?

I entered a contest to win a new accessible van.  I have had the best experience of people voting for me. People really put themselves out there to help others. I'm so thankful that this contest exists to get my situation and others known!!

My mother in law shared my story with other family members to vote for me.  Through that, a cousin of my father in law sent it to her friends. One of her friends owned a new wheelchair accessible van.  She was ready to donate it to Wounded Warriors but after hearing my story, donated the van to me.

All she wanted was to meet me. A friend of mine slept over with Jason and Laura so we could leave early in the morning. My father in law drove Jeff and I up to CT and visited.  The woman who donated the van is truly remarkable. She has built playgrounds in Haiti and now working on building an orphanage in Haiti as well. She is 74! 

When I first saw the van, I felt like laughing and crying. It's so unbelievable that it happened to us. I felt like I won the lottery. It has everything I could possibly want and more. My life will be so much easier now and a boulder of worry is off my shoulders. After a great lunch, Jeff and I drove my new van back home.

Even now as I look out my window, I'm in awe that this really happened and the van is mine.

So thank you to all who voted and keep on spreading joy!

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