Sunday, May 4, 2014

A miracle has happened again.

Life isn't always easy, but God is always present. He knows what needs to happen and it might not fit into your ideal plan, but it's His perfect plan.

My van had some serious issues and has been draining our resources.  One night I woke up in a cold sweat about worrying if the van would break down or no longer drivable. How would I get my kids where they needed? How would I simply do my day to day errands? How can I keep my kids safe?

I entered a contest to win a new accessible van.  I have had the best experience of people voting for me. People really put themselves out there to help others. I'm so thankful that this contest exists to get my situation and others known!!

My mother in law shared my story with other family members to vote for me.  Through that, a cousin of my father in law sent it to her friends. One of her friends owned a new wheelchair accessible van.  She was ready to donate it to Wounded Warriors but after hearing my story, donated the van to me.

All she wanted was to meet me. A friend of mine slept over with Jason and Laura so we could leave early in the morning. My father in law drove Jeff and I up to CT and visited.  The woman who donated the van is truly remarkable. She has built playgrounds in Haiti and now working on building an orphanage in Haiti as well. She is 74! 

When I first saw the van, I felt like laughing and crying. It's so unbelievable that it happened to us. I felt like I won the lottery. It has everything I could possibly want and more. My life will be so much easier now and a boulder of worry is off my shoulders. After a great lunch, Jeff and I drove my new van back home.

Even now as I look out my window, I'm in awe that this really happened and the van is mine.

So thank you to all who voted and keep on spreading joy!


  1. I don't know you but believe me I feel your pain all too well. I'm so very happy for you. miracles do happen in their own time. i 'm a single mom with health issues and a young son with duchenne's muscular dystrophy. some people have the biggest hearts while others have no idea of our challenges just to get through the day. I was donated a van - it might be old with close to 190,000 miles on it when I accepted it but none of that mattered because - knock wood, at least it runs! congrats!!! it's an awesome feeling and you're grateful for any act of kindness!

  2. I am so Happy for you...I too was in the contest and waiting to see if I made it to the top 10 % to move to the next level ..The first story I sent they didn't receive so I rushed to get it in and not until after I entered did I see how some explain in more detail and when your limited to your story it's hard to give details of the reasons you want to win the van. Even if I am not one of the winners I feel like a winner just seeing the support from the voters is amazing and whoever does win the vans are all well deserving of them. I am so happy you got your wish for a van early and yes I do believe it would be like winning the lotto..Congratulations Much Happiness to you and your Family :-)

  3. I'm so happy for you I as well understand I am going through the same thing with my son