Let's go to the dentist

Last Monday, I got the right side of my mouth done. I wasn't as knocked out as I was on the left side. I'm still not one hundred percent but I'm happy it's done!

On Thursday, Jason had his first dental appointment. His insurance has been telling me that when he gets a tooth, take him.  I took Laura when she was closer to three so I could explain it to her. I am a firm believer on healthy teeth because it makes life so much easier!

I'm hoping Jason will not be fearful next time we go.  He cried and wasn't a fan. The best part for him was getting a toothbrush to play with and a squeaky frog.  He did get floride and I was told all is going well. Jason is teething big time too.

Jason was able to sit on Crystal's lap to help him feel comfortable. I was both amused and saddened when the dentist said he didn't have cavities. What 15 month would have cavities?? Then it struck me, some parents just give sugary drinks, not healthy food or never brush teeth.

He goes back in November so hopefully all goes well!


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