Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May is a fun month

May has been a fun and busy month. We were miraculously given a van, Mother's Day, festivals and getting ready for end of school year. I have always liked May.

Laura's school had a Mother's Day tea last Friday.  A few days before, she excitedly told me that her classmates figured out where I could sit so I could be by her seat. She was also thrilled by the fact that she could feed me cookies and hold my iced tea.

I had to hold back my tears as she read her top ten list aloud about the reasons why she loved me. Laura used to be so painfully shy that she would hide behind me. To see her read aloud and actually volunteer to do so plus all reasons why she loved me was almost too much for me.

The Saturday before Mother's Day we went on a long walk. We went to a local farmers market, ate and on the way back, thought we were going a short cut but ended up taking us longer! I was sunburnt! The kids were ok.

My family came over for dinner later on and had fun. It's always nice when we all get together. Jeff sweetly managed the food, set up and clean up.

On Mother's Day, she gave me a similar list. My attendent helped Jason make me a card by tracing his hands and feet.  Jason says new words now - baby is the newest.  He also says ball.  He is getting very good at nesting toys by size. 

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