Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Start of summer

Summer is here! Laura has been out of school since June 13, and I think we've been quite busy.  We have gone to a fair, parties, various outdoor events, Atlantic City, new restaurants and now Vacation Bible School. I can't say we've had a boring summer day so far.

My last official teaching day was last Thursday. He will be coming for babysitting and math tutoring during the rest of the summer. I'm also helping Jeff prepare for a math class as he is gearing up for LPN school.  I'm trying to keep Laura's academic skills up also but it's hard after a busy day.

This week I've been teaching Vacation Bible School at St. Basil's. I'm teaching second grade. I have Laura in my class and my friend's daughter for the week. It's a bit hectic in the morning getting me ready and dropped off on time. I hand it to my attendants for making this happen. Without them, I wouldn't be teaching. 

The kids have been fantastic with accepting my disability. They treat me like they would any teacher and that is awesome. We play, sing and learn. Today more than one of them said today went too fast! I said that it means that they were having fun. 

Jason is 16 months and very cute.  He has developed yelling and loves to hear his echo. He is learning about cleaning his toys up and handing us household objects. I'm working on Jason learning his body parts and language development. He still loves to dance, swim, cars, trucks.  He enjoys carrying around his yellow chickie that he got at Easter.  His favorite show is the Chica show on Sprout.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Infantino blocks for Jason

The other day, I decided to buy Jason soft blocks. Jason is 16 months today and is at the age of learning how to build. He is also very much a boy that likes to throw. So, I decided to buy him soft blocks. No one gets hurt but can still have fun.

After about a half an hour of browsing online, I bought the cheaper set from Amazon. I almost purchased the more expensive set, but I had a hard time justifying over $20 on a few blocks. The reviews all said great things but $22 something is a lot of money for a family of four.

I found Infantino blocks for $8.88. They are perfect for a baby even who are less than one year old. He likes that he can  throw them around and no one tells him no. A baby can chew on them and no harm. They squeak as well. I believe that they will last Jason a long time. 

Jason carries two at a time around the house. He likes hitting them together and making the squeak sound. He also lines them up or stacks them two at a time. I think I made a great purchase, and he will play with them for a few years.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day

This weekend celebrate two family holidays. It's Father's Day and Family Awareness Day this Sunday. These are both very important since fathers are essential to families.

Fathers are often the silent or unrecognized partner in parenting. However, a father who us active in a child's life has a more successful happy child. A study came out recently that father's who help the mother raise daughters who are more successful.

Family awareness day is the third Sunday in June. Family awareness is about keeping family a priority. The dark reality is that society has a way of trying to pull family's a part. The growing habits of cursing, yelling and way over sexualizing everything destroys family. Family should begin with respect first and all else falls into place.

So to celebrate is to not ignore the holidays. Appreciate your father in any way possible. Also, as a family, examine your habits. Are they productive habits or harmful? Try to make the family stronger and build bridges.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

These moments

My children are the best of me. Growing up, I knew that I would have children. It never bothered me not knowing how or if it were possible. Having children was just a must do. 

I played with dolls a bit differently than many other girls. I couldn't manipulate them physically. So, I would line them up and do imagination games in my head. I'd often talk them out loud. Pretending saved me from many hours of boredom. 

I didn't have a grand master plan how having children would work. I knew physically I wasn't capable of caring exactly to what a baby needed. What I did know was I had a lot of love to share. I observed how my parents raised us. There was great things they did and there were things I knew I never ever would do.

God had the plan all a long.  He wasn't going to sit there and tell me details. He let it unfold and helped me learn. I have moments of great joy. I have moments of great sorrow. But I know becoming a mom is nothing I'll ever regret.

The other night Jeff asked Laura to help clean the kitchen because after dinner he came down with a terrible migraine. She accepted the challenge. I swallowed the urge to have self pity that I couldn't do it and my little girl had to. But then magic happened.

I guided her to do the basic clean up, but then she quickly felt excited.  She made it a TV show about cleaning. Laura loved filling the sink with bubbles and asked what she could clean next. My frustration disappeared as we bonded and truly had fun.  

I also entertained Jason as he played in the high chair. He is a smart little boy who is developing daily. Jason just gets things and has a spark in his eye.

Her love for cleaning continued as we sat in her room cleaning even more.  At one point, I had tears in my eyes thinking one day she won't need me helping her (more like guiding her) and she will have a house of her own. Then I thought the need to enjoy these moments even though I'm exhausted and just want to relax.

As I came out of Laura's room feeling accomplished, Jason saw me. He smiled widely, yelled "MA!" He ran to me and sat in my lap. I'm so glad to be alive and in that moment.

I'll have too much time to relax when Jason and Laura are both in school. I need to fight through my own selfish tendencies and allow it to seep into my memory.

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