Infantino blocks for Jason

The other day, I decided to buy Jason soft blocks. Jason is 16 months today and is at the age of learning how to build. He is also very much a boy that likes to throw. So, I decided to buy him soft blocks. No one gets hurt but can still have fun.

After about a half an hour of browsing online, I bought the cheaper set from Amazon. I almost purchased the more expensive set, but I had a hard time justifying over $20 on a few blocks. The reviews all said great things but $22 something is a lot of money for a family of four.

I found Infantino blocks for $8.88. They are perfect for a baby even who are less than one year old. He likes that he can  throw them around and no one tells him no. A baby can chew on them and no harm. They squeak as well. I believe that they will last Jason a long time. 

Jason carries two at a time around the house. He likes hitting them together and making the squeak sound. He also lines them up or stacks them two at a time. I think I made a great purchase, and he will play with them for a few years.


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