Start of summer

Summer is here! Laura has been out of school since June 13, and I think we've been quite busy.  We have gone to a fair, parties, various outdoor events, Atlantic City, new restaurants and now Vacation Bible School. I can't say we've had a boring summer day so far.

My last official teaching day was last Thursday. He will be coming for babysitting and math tutoring during the rest of the summer. I'm also helping Jeff prepare for a math class as he is gearing up for LPN school.  I'm trying to keep Laura's academic skills up also but it's hard after a busy day.

This week I've been teaching Vacation Bible School at St. Basil's. I'm teaching second grade. I have Laura in my class and my friend's daughter for the week. It's a bit hectic in the morning getting me ready and dropped off on time. I hand it to my attendants for making this happen. Without them, I wouldn't be teaching. 

The kids have been fantastic with accepting my disability. They treat me like they would any teacher and that is awesome. We play, sing and learn. Today more than one of them said today went too fast! I said that it means that they were having fun. 

Jason is 16 months and very cute.  He has developed yelling and loves to hear his echo. He is learning about cleaning his toys up and handing us household objects. I'm working on Jason learning his body parts and language development. He still loves to dance, swim, cars, trucks.  He enjoys carrying around his yellow chickie that he got at Easter.  His favorite show is the Chica show on Sprout.


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