Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jason wiggles

Jason has an adorable wiggle. He wiggles whenever he hears music. We also think that he is mimicking me moving my head due to my cerebral palsy. But whatever the case, it is so cute when he does it. I notice that he likes to wiggle to make people smile. Jason also has his own babble. He is saying some words but he's stringing together a bunch of sounds. One of these days, he will just come out with sentences!

Last night he had a cookie and Jeff was feeding me a chocolate bar.  Jason went for the chocolate bar and when we said no that he had a cookie - Jason dropped the cookie like a hot potato! So cute.

Yesterday I had my new attendent come and try the day out. She was very good in reintroducing herself to Jason. She took it slow and I was right by his side.  He handled everything well and in about fifteen minutes was relaxed enough to let her change him. I know for me how it feels having someone new take care of me so I imagine his apprehension. 

Jason will know just as Laura did that people who help us will come and go. It's a hard reality of life but my love for them and Jeff will never go away. We will always make sure they get what they need no matter who is helping me. I'm still having a hard time with how and why my previous attendent left. It's hard when you get used to someone and they leave without warning.

I know I'm a strong person but I still have feelings. But anyway on to a beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Children's place

Use the code forty3 to get free shipping and 40 percent off at the children's place today only!  I buy most of Laura's school pants and clothes from them. Excellent quality. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh, I miss writing

Time doesn't stop for anyone.  Time is either our worst enemy or our best friend. I have mixed feelings about time  but mainly I am not too happy with it right now. 

I'll start off by saying my body is not very good with getting older.  I've been having annoying back pain that is more than just a dull ache. It's a stabbing pain that radiates a shoulder blade making doing anything almost impossible.  It travels from my right side to left side depending on the day.  I am not one who enjoys complaining mainly because I don't like complainers. However, this pain has got to stop visiting me.  I have too much to do. 

I've been in and out of physical therapy a lot since April.  Unfortunately, it just keeps returning. I am learning a bit how to handle it - heat,  lying on my back,  medicine. I have made an appointment to figure it out hopefully once and for all. 

The one thing that seems to point to aggravating the pain is typing.  The way I type is unconventional but has been working for me all my life.  I'm hoping to figure it all out soon.  I sit in the W position and type by placing my hand on my knee. Then I use my index finger to type with. 

I'm sure I'll figure things out soon. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I chose a good one

I want to start off saying that I'm a happily married woman. I am blessed to be with Jeff and it has nothing to do with him accepting I am in a wheelchair. I hate when people say that like I'm unworthy of a husband because I can't walk. Equally as much as I hate when I hear people in wheelchairs say they just want a man that accepts the disability.  No. You deserve a great person with qualities you like for a very, very, very long time.

No couple sees eye to eye on everything and not everyday is a romance novel. However, he is a good person and helps me realize teamwork is more than me just pulling the weight. My attendent left suddenly over a family emergency. I would've greatly preferred a two week notice but I didn't get one.  Jeff was worried about my stress level and met the challenge.  He works with me as we try to meet our goals.

On June 26, we celebrated four years of commitment. I think we have both grown and matured together. Jeff gave me a blue reusable cup filled with strawberries and chocolate chips. He also took me to see Journey the Sunday prior to our anniversary. I gave him cologne and peppermint. My dad baby sat our anniversary evening and I took Jeff out to dinner as well.

Fairly soon Jeff will be going to LPN school. I'm happy for him that he is meeting a goal but nervous that we will lose touch or break under pressure. Hopefully, we will be fine..

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The kids in July

I can't believe we are heading into mid July already. The summer is trickling away and needs to slow it down. Jason has been incredibly amazingly cute a long with his sister. 

Jason is the best entertainment. He is constantly busy with doing something and everything. Jason dances at any tune or even no music at all. He still likes his cars, firetrucks and anything with wheels.  I bought him a dump trunk to go with his firetruck. He likes it but doesn't get the concept of it just yet. He's still the easiest little guy that entertains himself. I'm working with him with words. He is saying more and more each day.

Laura is growing up to be a smart, logical and fierce person. She knows what she wants and will work for it. She's been having a good summer with family trips or just hanging out with her brother. Laura has been reading often as wll since we limit her iPad usage. Jeff's parents have been taking her to terrific Tuesdays at a museum close to them. She loves the activities and learning lots. Jeff has been taking her swimming and she's been swimming at my sister's house. 

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