Thursday, July 10, 2014

I chose a good one

I want to start off saying that I'm a happily married woman. I am blessed to be with Jeff and it has nothing to do with him accepting I am in a wheelchair. I hate when people say that like I'm unworthy of a husband because I can't walk. Equally as much as I hate when I hear people in wheelchairs say they just want a man that accepts the disability.  No. You deserve a great person with qualities you like for a very, very, very long time.

No couple sees eye to eye on everything and not everyday is a romance novel. However, he is a good person and helps me realize teamwork is more than me just pulling the weight. My attendent left suddenly over a family emergency. I would've greatly preferred a two week notice but I didn't get one.  Jeff was worried about my stress level and met the challenge.  He works with me as we try to meet our goals.

On June 26, we celebrated four years of commitment. I think we have both grown and matured together. Jeff gave me a blue reusable cup filled with strawberries and chocolate chips. He also took me to see Journey the Sunday prior to our anniversary. I gave him cologne and peppermint. My dad baby sat our anniversary evening and I took Jeff out to dinner as well.

Fairly soon Jeff will be going to LPN school. I'm happy for him that he is meeting a goal but nervous that we will lose touch or break under pressure. Hopefully, we will be fine..

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