Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jason wiggles

Jason has an adorable wiggle. He wiggles whenever he hears music. We also think that he is mimicking me moving my head due to my cerebral palsy. But whatever the case, it is so cute when he does it. I notice that he likes to wiggle to make people smile. Jason also has his own babble. He is saying some words but he's stringing together a bunch of sounds. One of these days, he will just come out with sentences!

Last night he had a cookie and Jeff was feeding me a chocolate bar.  Jason went for the chocolate bar and when we said no that he had a cookie - Jason dropped the cookie like a hot potato! So cute.

Yesterday I had my new attendent come and try the day out. She was very good in reintroducing herself to Jason. She took it slow and I was right by his side.  He handled everything well and in about fifteen minutes was relaxed enough to let her change him. I know for me how it feels having someone new take care of me so I imagine his apprehension. 

Jason will know just as Laura did that people who help us will come and go. It's a hard reality of life but my love for them and Jeff will never go away. We will always make sure they get what they need no matter who is helping me. I'm still having a hard time with how and why my previous attendent left. It's hard when you get used to someone and they leave without warning.

I know I'm a strong person but I still have feelings. But anyway on to a beautiful day!

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