Oh, I miss writing

Time doesn't stop for anyone.  Time is either our worst enemy or our best friend. I have mixed feelings about time  but mainly I am not too happy with it right now. 

I'll start off by saying my body is not very good with getting older.  I've been having annoying back pain that is more than just a dull ache. It's a stabbing pain that radiates a shoulder blade making doing anything almost impossible.  It travels from my right side to left side depending on the day.  I am not one who enjoys complaining mainly because I don't like complainers. However, this pain has got to stop visiting me.  I have too much to do. 

I've been in and out of physical therapy a lot since April.  Unfortunately, it just keeps returning. I am learning a bit how to handle it - heat,  lying on my back,  medicine. I have made an appointment to figure it out hopefully once and for all. 

The one thing that seems to point to aggravating the pain is typing.  The way I type is unconventional but has been working for me all my life.  I'm hoping to figure it all out soon.  I sit in the W position and type by placing my hand on my knee. Then I use my index finger to type with. 

I'm sure I'll figure things out soon. 


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