Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The kids in July

I can't believe we are heading into mid July already. The summer is trickling away and needs to slow it down. Jason has been incredibly amazingly cute a long with his sister. 

Jason is the best entertainment. He is constantly busy with doing something and everything. Jason dances at any tune or even no music at all. He still likes his cars, firetrucks and anything with wheels.  I bought him a dump trunk to go with his firetruck. He likes it but doesn't get the concept of it just yet. He's still the easiest little guy that entertains himself. I'm working with him with words. He is saying more and more each day.

Laura is growing up to be a smart, logical and fierce person. She knows what she wants and will work for it. She's been having a good summer with family trips or just hanging out with her brother. Laura has been reading often as wll since we limit her iPad usage. Jeff's parents have been taking her to terrific Tuesdays at a museum close to them. She loves the activities and learning lots. Jeff has been taking her swimming and she's been swimming at my sister's house. 

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