Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kids care week

Children are our future so what we teach and example will therefore affect the future. October 26-November 1 is Kids Care Week. This week is dedicated in helping children find ways to make the world a better place.

Kids Care Week promotes volunteer work for children. By raising children who are compassionate and ready to help someone else the better our country will be. Here are some great ways to volunteer-not only for this week-but all year long!

Organize your pantry and donate what you don't use or extras.
Donate old book bags,toys and clothes.
Play board games at a senior center or nursing home.
Donate leftover food at a shelter.
Look through jackets that might not fit anymore and donate.
Share your talents with others.
Bake for older neighbors.
Share kind words with your family and friends. 
Donate books to library.
Recycle plastic and paper. 
Water plants and plant flowers.
Turn off lights you are not using.
Reuse things when you can. 
Try not to be wasteful. 
Turn off water as you brush your teeth
Eat lunch with a new kid at school or someone looking lonely.
Call your grandparents.
Practice random acts of kindness. 
Give your teacher a picture. 
Help your friends and family.

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