Not for the weak or selfish.

It's too bad when you're eighteen that you don't know exactly what career choice is best.  School is so much easier because of no marriage and usually no children yet. You can focus on studying and enjoying life.

Many times, however, it isn't the case. Many people don't have a career in what they went to school for in college. Adults either return to college or want to when they can. Our family is in that boat right now.

Jeff decided to earn his LPN degree and license. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Big changes were ahead.  He has a degree in hotel management but that career path is no good for raising a family. Hours are unpredictable and long.

The LPN program that he is in is about a year and a half with the summer off.  We are nearing the end of the second month (but who is counting...right?). 

I am proud of how hard he is studying. He literally comes home, studies,makes dinner, puts laundry in, feeds me and kids then studies straight until 8 or after. He will put Jason to bed and study as we try to spend sometime together. Then we both wake up at 5:30 in the morning to repeat. The weekends are slightly better except Sundays that  he is there but not due to studying.

I know in the end that I'll get my husband back and it won't feel as I'm a single mother.  There are times when I'm helping Laura with homework on one end of the table, Jason is calling mom at the other end and Jeff is spilling out medical facts that I just want to hide in my room.  But I don't and won't. 

It might be a little more than what I expected and I find myself lonely, exhausted or feel bad I didn't get to write. Then I tell myself to suck it up, put on those big girl panties and deal.   In a year or so though I'll look back and think yes we did it.  But by then, I might be engulfed in my own studying for my accounting degree!!


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