Our Friday

Laura has been off since her half day on Wednesday.  Her school began earlier than others in the area and is a longer day than other schools. She is learning a lot and I really think it is the best fit for her. During a trimester, they have what they call Student Lead Conferences. Your child goes with you to discuss how they're doing in school so far.

Laura's teachers had nothing but glowing things to say. She's doing third-fourth grade work and all in the 90s. Laura is respectful, easy to correct and eager to learn. All good things that makes a mom very proud.

When it ended, we went to the book fair. She already purchased books there, but I wanted to check it out.  I bought two books for Jason and one book for my nephew for Christmas.  And since Laura had such a good conference, I let her pick out something. She picked out a box of girly stationary.

As Laura and I were in her conference, Jason and my attendent checked out where the buses were.  He's learned to say bus and says it very clearly. He liked seeing them from a distance but not so close up.

Afterwards, we took them to Kolbs Dairy Farm.  We got ice cream, milk, apple cider, lollipops and a pumpkin.  Laura said it was the best day ever.  Jason didn't want to share his spoon with me, but he was very happy to get his own and did pretty well feeding himself!

Laura seemed surprised how many times Jason said my name. I think she got sick of hearing it and told him that I was sick of hearing it. I explained to her that I love hearing both their voices and he can talk to me all he wants.

After lunch, we baked brownies and relaxed.  I love being able to spend time with them together.  It's a great feeling to see them both happy and getting along.


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