Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pro-life day of solidarity

October 21 is Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. This means being silent during the day for the 50 million babies in just America who have been killed by abortion since 1973. It also means that messages about abortion will fill social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with hashtags like #prolifegen and #silentday.

Abortion is more than a religious issue and way more than a political issue.  Abortion is a human rights issue. Something went terribly wrong to make a law stating ending a life of a growing baby is acceptable. It's equally upsetting and shocking that people will go at great lengths to justify killing these human beings.

Calling an unborn baby a blob of cells or a potential person can only get a conscious so far. Learning the facts, knowing about baby development, and understanding that abortion basically burns and dismantles a baby in the womb should be enough for anyone to say abortion is a horrendous wrong thing to do.  But still some go on justifying and denying to help their conscious deal with reality.

Please do not give up on trying to help people understand abortion is never a good choice.  No matter what the disability or defect a person has a right to life. Adoption is a wonderful option. Plus there are many organizations to help women keep their baby.

Keep silent for babies but then let the education begin.  Education, prayers, conversations, volunteering and love will help both women and children.  Hopefully, abortionists will want to stop the blood on their hands and stop counting baby body parts.  One day at a time and with one action at a time.

For more information -

Rachel's Vineyard - This site will help women who aborted heal and recover from any pain post abortion.  You aren't alone in feeling pain after abortion.

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