School bus safety

National school bus safety week is from October 20-24.  School bus safety is very important for students and drivers. It is sad to hear of many tragic or even any accident at all involving a school bus. Remembering a few safely tips can help ensure safe arrivals for all.

Please stop when a bus is at a bus stop.  Too often cars keep going pass or in front of a school bus loading or unloading children. Drivers do not realize that kids are running across streets either to make it to the bus on time or run home. Drivers should not rely on a child to be looking both ways or judge correctly how fast a car is moving.

When students are walking to and from a bus stop, drivers need to be aware. Let them cross the street when they need to. If you are late to work or an appointment, driving safely still applies especially around children.

Students need to walk to the bus stop and not run.  They need to look both ways before crossing the street and be aware of the traffic patterns around them. At the bus stop, they shouldn't rough house or play around near the road.  They should not talk to strangers or get into a car of a stranger.  Only board the bus when they come to a complete stop.  Dress appropriately for the weather while waiting for the bus or coming home.

Teaching children how to behave on a school bus is just as important. They need to understand to not being distracting to the school bus driver unless help is needed. No yelling, swearing, standing, jumping or running around the bus.  Be respectful to the bus driver as you would a teacher.

Bullying needs to be something of the past. Bullying,violence, any kind of assault or being mean should not be tolerated.  If a student notices any of these activities taking place, they need to report the problem to a responsible adult.


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