Walk for Life

So back in April, I was asked to be a speaker at the first annual Walk (wheels) for Life in Philadelphia. I felt honored to be asked. I've been very much pro-life since I was horrified learning about abortion. I think I was ten or eleven and some talk show was going over the topic. I remember feeling the same disbelief as I still do today that anyone, knowing facts, could think abortion was acceptable.

I also can't believe I choose abortion as a topic for my debate speech in 8th grade. I shook like crazy but I did it. Through out high school, I wrote plays, poems, research papers and speeches about the horrors of abortion. I did this mainly to educate but also to make some sense to it myself. I kept thinking I must be missing something that thousands saw and thought killing an unborn baby was acceptable.

I still haven't found the answer.  

I felt thrilled giving my speech along with many talented speakers. Father Frank Pavone has been a speaker on pro-life issues for years and years. Terri Schivavo brother gave an excellent talk about his sister.  Terri was starved to death by a court order. She was healthy except lack of mobility and communication.

Over three hundred people came to Love Park. My dad tòok me because I thought it was too adult for Laura. I didn't want to educate her on the horrors of abortion.

My speech focused on the fact that children with disabilities are being targeted for abortion. Children with dwarfism,muscular dystrophy, missing limbs and several more disabilities are being killed daily. The numbers are astounding. I focused on the amazing lives people have even with a disability.  A disability might be challenging but no life is for ours to decide the value. I also talked about the beautiful choice of adoption. 


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