Sunday, November 16, 2014

Teddy bear project

I would like to introduce to Project Teddy Bear for Kids.  We collect brand new teddy bears for children in need because every child has the right to have a teddy bear of their own.  In a day where child abuse, poverty and sickness among children are growing fast, Project Teddy Bear for Kids would like to bring a little joy into their lives.

If interested in helping us out, here are some things you can do.  You can go to our site, Project Teddy Bear for Kids at and donate for us to purchase teddy bears.  You can email at if you would like to send a teddy bear.  Also, you could spread our mission to your community to help spread our mission. 

Project Teddy Bear for Kids was established by a mother who is determined to help children in any small way. Her second grader also excitedly wants to help other children in the community. Teddy bears provide children a sense of ownership in a crazy world, comfort, encourage imagination and brings some peace.

So, please think about helping Project Teddy Bear for Kids help children in our community. By one teddy bear at a time, we can help put a smile on a face of a child!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

13 ways to be kind to your spouse

Being kind to your spouse is so important especially with couples who have been married for awhile.  Kindness brings feelings of love and friendship. It is sad to say that many couples lose the simple yet essential step of being kind to one another.

1. Purchase or make your spouse a little gift as a surprise.  Tell them they deserve it since they are such a good spouse to you.
2. Do an extra chore that they usually do. Don't complain at all about doing it.
3. Speaking about complaining-don't complain to your spouse about them. And do not talk bad about them.  Try to look at their good points and shrug off the bad. (Unless abuse is in the relationship then try to find help to get out of the situation.) 
4. Cook an extra special dinner for them.
5. Kiss daily and often – this goes for intimacy too. That highly attractive person that you fell in love with still exists.
6. Listen to each other. If he or she wants to talk about their day, let them. Listen and ask questions.
7. Make time for each other. Children are extremely important but so is your marriage. Commit to have some one on one time together at the end of the day.
8. Be good and kind to your children. There is nothing more appealing than knowing that your husband or wife are amazing parents.
9. Don't fight too much. Every couple has a healthy disagreement here and there. However, daily arguments are way too much. It's not good for you, them or any children involved. It takes two to fight.  If you don't like something, figure out how important is it to you and your family.
10. Go out together for something fun once a week. It can be a walk, movie, dinner or just window shop. Ditch the sweats and try to look good for each other.
11. Stay committed to your spouse. Are you spending too much time on your phone? Are you having emotional connections with those other than your spouse? Are you doing things that you need to hide from your spouse? Think about it and if you're making the best choices for the marriage.
12. In the morning, ditch looking at facebook first thing and hug your spouse.  You can talk or simply connect physically before starting a day apart.
13. Dance in the living room together just for fun!

Kindness week

Kindness week is November 10-November 15 and kindness day is November 13.  Kindness is a forgotten action to several of us.  It's not intentional for the general public to be unkind, but the busy life we lead doesn't help.  We need to remember to be kind.

Everyday this week, come back to read another thirteen ways to be kind article.  Hopefully, it will inspire kindness.  Random acts of kindness aren't that hard to figure out or do.  You might be doing them and not even realize it.

Remember to spread the kindness all week and especially on November 13!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Never forget Scotty

Forgive me if this post is a rambling string of thoughts. My blog is where I can get my feelings out and maybe make sense. I, and thousands of people, are struggling to deal with the death of Scotty.  It's so difficult to move past it in your consciousness because it's beyond terrible for any mind.

Having a son only about two years younger than Scotty makes the impact very big. Each time Jason cries or seems uncomfortable lately, my mind wanders to the poor little boy.  My husband and I can't endure our children crying a few minutes.  The tears he must've shed makes my stomach ache.  

I dont think God wired our souls to deal with this kind of torture. There is not any justification because it was his own parent that allowed it to happen. We can't blame it on some mad man or a crazy person. Child abuse, unfortunately, happens but not this degree and sickness.  I'm glad we don't understand it.

I know Scotty went straight into God's hands.  I hope God made the memories of his short (probably felt like forever) life disappear. I pray deeply for his siblings that survived.  I'm so thankful that they are out of the abuse but feel so bad for memories and the loss of their brother.

I'm not sure if the pain of this will ever go away.  We shouldn't forget because to be loving human beings, we need to feel for others.  So don't feel bad for feeling sad for Scotty and thinking about him.  We are human and loving others is our wiring. 

Without even knowing Scotty, he taught us big lessons.  Abuse is real and needs to be addressed if suspected or witnessed.  Children are innocent beings who need to be loved and cherished. Not harmed because they don't behave in that exact moment.  And most of all, Scotty taught the world that it is ok to weep for others.  We all need to love and look out for others more.  

Never forget Scotty and all the other children who need a super hero right this second. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My 20 month old

Jason is my active and funny 20 month old.  He's learning at a rapid pace and understands way more than what he says.  Anytime there is any music, he will dance.  No matter what music or where we are.  

You simply can't be in a bad mood when you are around Jason.  He greets you in the morning with a, "Hi!"  He always has a smile on his face.  Jason enjoys making you laugh and happy as well.  Whenever Laura is upset, he will go over and put his head on her lap or do a dance to make her happy.

His words are still limited but everyone tells me it's normal. Laura was just very articulate at a young age.  His favorite words are "mom," "bus" and "see ha later!"  He points out every bus and yells, "Mom, look!!!"  Jason babbles a lot and I still would love a baby translator to know what he's saying. 

I can usually figure out what he wants to say by intuition and just his sounds plus movements. Today he wanted to go outside and he pointed at the door and said my name.  I always prompt him with the words so he knows what to say.

I notice that he is getting less shy of strangers.  He was a fireman for Halloween and he actually would pick out candy. Plus he would say, "see ya later!"  Unfortunately, Jason really doesn't like medical people and will cry at the sight of anyone in medical clothing. Even the veterinarian. 

Jason's favorite toys now are an old ipad that his grandfather gave him, cars, trucks and leggos.  He knows pretty well how to operate an iPad. It cracks us up.  All his apps are music and educational based. He also loves playing outside, going for walks and go anywhere.  Jason loves shower time and never fusses with it.

He is still my little helper when giving me a drink or puts food in my mouth. Here is to many more amazing months and years with our guy!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote in 2014

The Catholic Church cannot tell someone who to vote for.  However, they can tell you that it is important to vote with your conscious in mind. Thinking about how the vote will affect others and not just seeing it as a popularity contest is important to keep in mind.

In Pennsylvania, we are selecting a governor.   Tom Wolf says he's for education and children yet he is so pro abortion that he is against women being informed before they have an abortion. He doesn't want women to see an ultrasound. Obviously, not really a big child advocate if he's against their mother seeing their baby before consenting to kill him or her.

Tom Corbett believes women should have full knowledge before having an abortion.  That means the mother will be informed about the procedure, how it's done and the developmental stage that the baby is in at the time of the abortion.

Being Catholic, even Christian, means we need to try to make decisions that are in line with our values and morals. Is keeping women in the dark about abortion good for the woman or the baby? What could possibly be the harm in informing women on a very invasive procedure that kills their baby? 

Unfortunately, the answer often comes down to money. Politicians that often support abortion are being paid to do so.  Do you really think pro abortion candidates care if a woman gets informed before making one of the biggest decisions of her life?  Most likely not.  But they will never admit to it because they don't want to lose money.

Yes, there are so many other issues than abortion.  However, what is the most important? The decision of someone's life should be the highest issue on the table. Life is a basic right that we should all have, but to thousands a day, they aren't given a chance.

Here is a link to vote pro life if you choose to do so:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Having a sick child can be scary

On Wednesday morning Laura told me she didn't feel good and wanted to stay home.  I did my normal mom questioning like, "are you sure you don't want to try it and you'll probably feel better as the day progresses?"  But Laura's voice sounded a bit hoarse and her head felt warm so I agreed with her. I gave her Tylenol and she went back to bed.

My day went on as normal with Jason and teaching.  I checked on Laura but often didn't want to wake her as much.  She ate soup for lunch and completed here homework.  Jeff came home and almost immediately took her temperature.  I felt horrible that it was 102.7! She hardly complained or acted like she had a fever.  Jeff took her to the doctor right away.

The doctor prescribed her antibiotics because it appeared to be strep.  He said he wouldn't know for sure for a few days but said she should miss school and take the medicine. We let her rest, treated the symptoms and I thought by Thursday she would be to herself almost anyway.

I was very wrong.  At 4am on Thursday morning, Laura frantically knocked on our bedroom door. I sat up like a bolt of lightning. My first thought was that she threw up.  No, she was having difficulty breathing!  She was hyperventilating and telling me she could hardly breathe.  Jeff got her asthma inhaler and it seemed to help some.  Then he took out his stethoscope and based on what he heard and what I heard, we knew it wasn't good and out of our skill set.

Laura looked at me with frantic fear in her eyes telling me she didn't want to die. To hear those words from your little girl was enough to kill me. But some inner strength keeps you from losing it in front of them.  I assured her she wasn't and Jeff took her.  She wanted me to go but I needed to stay with Jason.  I was cursing cerebral palsy like crazy.  If I could drive, I'd take her in a second.

Then they were gone.  I felt the world spinning.  Everything so fast but minutes so slow. I prayed every prayer in the book and even my own.  I just sat in the living room feeling scared and helpless.  The minutes ticked on slowly.

I heard the door open finaƂly and Laura walked in.  I've never been more happy to see her.  She was breathing normal.  Jeff explained that the place he wanted to take her was closed. Going to the ER made her more anxious and he decided not to agitate her and bring her back to me.  Her fever was back to 102.7.  Jeff gave her medicine and we got her all comfy in the recliner. I sat on the couch with a blanket.  Jeff had to get ready to go to school,but not until we saw her temp go down.

During the day Laura rested and I checked her temperature every hour or less. Jeff texted me throughout the day to check on her. My Dad sent her flowers and my friends sent tremendous support on Facebook. I still had to work (long story) but I was able to divide my time well. Her temperature hovered around 99.7 all day.  She refused to sleep until Jeff came home. She slept until 9pm!

Although our sleep was messed up, her feeling better, no fever and breathing better made all the difference.  She's feeling better today but it's lingering. She's going to try school tomorrow half day.

A sick child is so scary but keeping calm (at least on the outside) and intuition plus God will get you through.

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