13 ways to be kind to your spouse

Being kind to your spouse is so important especially with couples who have been married for awhile.  Kindness brings feelings of love and friendship. It is sad to say that many couples lose the simple yet essential step of being kind to one another.

1. Purchase or make your spouse a little gift as a surprise.  Tell them they deserve it since they are such a good spouse to you.
2. Do an extra chore that they usually do. Don't complain at all about doing it.
3. Speaking about complaining-don't complain to your spouse about them. And do not talk bad about them.  Try to look at their good points and shrug off the bad. (Unless abuse is in the relationship then try to find help to get out of the situation.) 
4. Cook an extra special dinner for them.
5. Kiss daily and often – this goes for intimacy too. That highly attractive person that you fell in love with still exists.
6. Listen to each other. If he or she wants to talk about their day, let them. Listen and ask questions.
7. Make time for each other. Children are extremely important but so is your marriage. Commit to have some one on one time together at the end of the day.
8. Be good and kind to your children. There is nothing more appealing than knowing that your husband or wife are amazing parents.
9. Don't fight too much. Every couple has a healthy disagreement here and there. However, daily arguments are way too much. It's not good for you, them or any children involved. It takes two to fight.  If you don't like something, figure out how important is it to you and your family.
10. Go out together for something fun once a week. It can be a walk, movie, dinner or just window shop. Ditch the sweats and try to look good for each other.
11. Stay committed to your spouse. Are you spending too much time on your phone? Are you having emotional connections with those other than your spouse? Are you doing things that you need to hide from your spouse? Think about it and if you're making the best choices for the marriage.
12. In the morning, ditch looking at facebook first thing and hug your spouse.  You can talk or simply connect physically before starting a day apart.
13. Dance in the living room together just for fun!


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