Sunday, November 2, 2014

Having a sick child can be scary

On Wednesday morning Laura told me she didn't feel good and wanted to stay home.  I did my normal mom questioning like, "are you sure you don't want to try it and you'll probably feel better as the day progresses?"  But Laura's voice sounded a bit hoarse and her head felt warm so I agreed with her. I gave her Tylenol and she went back to bed.

My day went on as normal with Jason and teaching.  I checked on Laura but often didn't want to wake her as much.  She ate soup for lunch and completed here homework.  Jeff came home and almost immediately took her temperature.  I felt horrible that it was 102.7! She hardly complained or acted like she had a fever.  Jeff took her to the doctor right away.

The doctor prescribed her antibiotics because it appeared to be strep.  He said he wouldn't know for sure for a few days but said she should miss school and take the medicine. We let her rest, treated the symptoms and I thought by Thursday she would be to herself almost anyway.

I was very wrong.  At 4am on Thursday morning, Laura frantically knocked on our bedroom door. I sat up like a bolt of lightning. My first thought was that she threw up.  No, she was having difficulty breathing!  She was hyperventilating and telling me she could hardly breathe.  Jeff got her asthma inhaler and it seemed to help some.  Then he took out his stethoscope and based on what he heard and what I heard, we knew it wasn't good and out of our skill set.

Laura looked at me with frantic fear in her eyes telling me she didn't want to die. To hear those words from your little girl was enough to kill me. But some inner strength keeps you from losing it in front of them.  I assured her she wasn't and Jeff took her.  She wanted me to go but I needed to stay with Jason.  I was cursing cerebral palsy like crazy.  If I could drive, I'd take her in a second.

Then they were gone.  I felt the world spinning.  Everything so fast but minutes so slow. I prayed every prayer in the book and even my own.  I just sat in the living room feeling scared and helpless.  The minutes ticked on slowly.

I heard the door open finałly and Laura walked in.  I've never been more happy to see her.  She was breathing normal.  Jeff explained that the place he wanted to take her was closed. Going to the ER made her more anxious and he decided not to agitate her and bring her back to me.  Her fever was back to 102.7.  Jeff gave her medicine and we got her all comfy in the recliner. I sat on the couch with a blanket.  Jeff had to get ready to go to school,but not until we saw her temp go down.

During the day Laura rested and I checked her temperature every hour or less. Jeff texted me throughout the day to check on her. My Dad sent her flowers and my friends sent tremendous support on Facebook. I still had to work (long story) but I was able to divide my time well. Her temperature hovered around 99.7 all day.  She refused to sleep until Jeff came home. She slept until 9pm!

Although our sleep was messed up, her feeling better, no fever and breathing better made all the difference.  She's feeling better today but it's lingering. She's going to try school tomorrow half day.

A sick child is so scary but keeping calm (at least on the outside) and intuition plus God will get you through.

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