My 20 month old

Jason is my active and funny 20 month old.  He's learning at a rapid pace and understands way more than what he says.  Anytime there is any music, he will dance.  No matter what music or where we are.  

You simply can't be in a bad mood when you are around Jason.  He greets you in the morning with a, "Hi!"  He always has a smile on his face.  Jason enjoys making you laugh and happy as well.  Whenever Laura is upset, he will go over and put his head on her lap or do a dance to make her happy.

His words are still limited but everyone tells me it's normal. Laura was just very articulate at a young age.  His favorite words are "mom," "bus" and "see ha later!"  He points out every bus and yells, "Mom, look!!!"  Jason babbles a lot and I still would love a baby translator to know what he's saying. 

I can usually figure out what he wants to say by intuition and just his sounds plus movements. Today he wanted to go outside and he pointed at the door and said my name.  I always prompt him with the words so he knows what to say.

I notice that he is getting less shy of strangers.  He was a fireman for Halloween and he actually would pick out candy. Plus he would say, "see ya later!"  Unfortunately, Jason really doesn't like medical people and will cry at the sight of anyone in medical clothing. Even the veterinarian. 

Jason's favorite toys now are an old ipad that his grandfather gave him, cars, trucks and leggos.  He knows pretty well how to operate an iPad. It cracks us up.  All his apps are music and educational based. He also loves playing outside, going for walks and go anywhere.  Jason loves shower time and never fusses with it.

He is still my little helper when giving me a drink or puts food in my mouth. Here is to many more amazing months and years with our guy!


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