Saturday, November 8, 2014

Never forget Scotty

Forgive me if this post is a rambling string of thoughts. My blog is where I can get my feelings out and maybe make sense. I, and thousands of people, are struggling to deal with the death of Scotty.  It's so difficult to move past it in your consciousness because it's beyond terrible for any mind.

Having a son only about two years younger than Scotty makes the impact very big. Each time Jason cries or seems uncomfortable lately, my mind wanders to the poor little boy.  My husband and I can't endure our children crying a few minutes.  The tears he must've shed makes my stomach ache.  

I dont think God wired our souls to deal with this kind of torture. There is not any justification because it was his own parent that allowed it to happen. We can't blame it on some mad man or a crazy person. Child abuse, unfortunately, happens but not this degree and sickness.  I'm glad we don't understand it.

I know Scotty went straight into God's hands.  I hope God made the memories of his short (probably felt like forever) life disappear. I pray deeply for his siblings that survived.  I'm so thankful that they are out of the abuse but feel so bad for memories and the loss of their brother.

I'm not sure if the pain of this will ever go away.  We shouldn't forget because to be loving human beings, we need to feel for others.  So don't feel bad for feeling sad for Scotty and thinking about him.  We are human and loving others is our wiring. 

Without even knowing Scotty, he taught us big lessons.  Abuse is real and needs to be addressed if suspected or witnessed.  Children are innocent beings who need to be loved and cherished. Not harmed because they don't behave in that exact moment.  And most of all, Scotty taught the world that it is ok to weep for others.  We all need to love and look out for others more.  

Never forget Scotty and all the other children who need a super hero right this second. 

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