Vote in 2014

The Catholic Church cannot tell someone who to vote for.  However, they can tell you that it is important to vote with your conscious in mind. Thinking about how the vote will affect others and not just seeing it as a popularity contest is important to keep in mind.

In Pennsylvania, we are selecting a governor.   Tom Wolf says he's for education and children yet he is so pro abortion that he is against women being informed before they have an abortion. He doesn't want women to see an ultrasound. Obviously, not really a big child advocate if he's against their mother seeing their baby before consenting to kill him or her.

Tom Corbett believes women should have full knowledge before having an abortion.  That means the mother will be informed about the procedure, how it's done and the developmental stage that the baby is in at the time of the abortion.

Being Catholic, even Christian, means we need to try to make decisions that are in line with our values and morals. Is keeping women in the dark about abortion good for the woman or the baby? What could possibly be the harm in informing women on a very invasive procedure that kills their baby? 

Unfortunately, the answer often comes down to money. Politicians that often support abortion are being paid to do so.  Do you really think pro abortion candidates care if a woman gets informed before making one of the biggest decisions of her life?  Most likely not.  But they will never admit to it because they don't want to lose money.

Yes, there are so many other issues than abortion.  However, what is the most important? The decision of someone's life should be the highest issue on the table. Life is a basic right that we should all have, but to thousands a day, they aren't given a chance.

Here is a link to vote pro life if you choose to do so:


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