Saturday, December 20, 2014

Magical Christmas Time

Last week I freaked out a little bit. I felt like time was slipping away between school, Jeff's school, teaching and the household chores. So, I decided to go full steam ahead and make my own plans to get it done.

Earlier that week Laura said she wanted to see the Nutcracker that her school was performing. I had no idea she wanted to go and scrambled to see if I could get tickets. The performance was Friday and Saturday but Friday worked better with our plans. I emailed the director and yes I was able to score two tickets.

Then I knew we needed to get a Christmas tree. Every year we set up our artificial tree usually the first week of December.  I felt very behind because we waited to get our first real tree.  So, Jeff and I picked up Laura when she was finished school and got our tree.  The first place we went seemed very expensive.  The second place had our perfect tree, and even though cold, we all had a fun experience.

Friday came and it was my Dad's birthday. My dad and I are very close and similar. I wanted to incorporate his birthday into my plans. Are you ready to hear about our Friday? My attendant, Jason and I went shopping during the day. Jason was so much fun and no issues. We even ate lunch out and he did amazing. 

At the store, I picked up dinner and cake for the birthday celebration. When we got home, we organized what I bought and cleaned.  My dad enjoyed dinner, cake and presents. Then Laura and I were off to the Nutcracker!

Saturday we decorated the tree and had a sleepover with Laura's friend. Laura had a ball and they were very behaved. They actually were quiet when we asked them to!

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