The joys of life

Have I mentioned how much I love teaching? Yes, I do. Each week I have the opportunity to teach first grade PREP (Catholic education.) It's so much fun and rewarding when you make something make sense to them and they are excited to learn. 

I do have my certification in special education. Lately, I've been struggling if I made the right choice in careers.  Getting a teaching job has been difficult due to disability discrimination and then I had my daughter. When I planned on trying again when she started kindergarten, I found out I was pregnant with my son.

I was contemplating getting a degree in some other field that would almost gaurentee me a job.  Teaching is what I always loved and seeked to do.  Today when I was teaching it confirmed all of my feelings.

After teaching, we went to breakfast with Santa at my church.  Laura liked it a lot but Jason wanted nothing to do with him. Nevertheless, we did get some great pictures that we will cherish.


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