Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Day

So, my eyes were wide awake Christmas morning! The kids were still asleep but after all it was a quarter of seven.  Jeff woke up too and got ready. I just stayed in my new camouflage pink pajamas. He helped tie my hair back so I could see.  I texted my dad to let him know he could come over.

My dad has come over to open presents with Laura since she was two. There's no way I'll break that tradition.  My dad was here by 7:30! Right before he arrived, Jason woke up with another messy diaper. Jeff gave him a shower and an outfit. Poor Jason has bad diapers whenever he is teething. 

My Dad had to wake Laura. I was going to wake her but he was excited to do it so I let him. She wasn't quite ready to wake up but gradually got excited. Laura and Jason walked down the hall hand in hand. So cute.

Laura, of course, was thrilled to see all the colorful wrapped packages. Jason was just excited to see my Dad at the house so early in the morning. After singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, we began opening presents.  Jason was happy opening his Thomas whistle and hat. He would go to his new train table and every so often, wander in to the living room where someone would help him unwrap another toy.

It was a very fun stress free Christmas morning.  One funny thing happened when Jeff opened his gift, it wasn't what I thought it was.  He sent me a link of what he wanted weeks before and I didn't have time to reałly read what it was.  I thought it was a speaker but it was actually a drum! He was very happy, and I was perplexed. 

During Christmas breakfast, we noticed that Jason was more and more in pain.  His rash due to crazy diapers had took a turn for the worse. He walked around saying, "Ow!"  He couldn't even sit in his high chair without crying.

Jeff took him to urgent care.  I stayed with Laura but my heart was with my little man.  Laura and I kept busy by preparing for Jeff's parents to come at noon.  I even managed to dress half way decent myself. I normally can't really dress myself.  And I got in my wheelchair myself which isn't necessarily safe, but got the job done.

Luckily, Jason had nothing serious going on and we were doing everything right.  They said to keep him away from dairy and sugar until it cleared. Plus use A and D ointment.

After Jeff's family came, we opened presents and talked.  They bought meat balls and rolls. When they left, Jason took a nap and Laura and I watched Heaven is for Real. My dad came over again and hung out until the kids went to bed.

It was a nice Christmas Day!

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