Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Eve

I have very fond memories of Christmas morning as a child.  It's funny to me that I would ask Santa for toys and clothes but never to help make me walk. I know I thought about it, but somehow knew it wouldn't happen. Yet Santa was about love and I always knew he cared.

Christmas Eve was a day of relaxing, cleaning and anticipation. We cleaned because we were having a party after Mass. Laura helped us clean and helped Jeff prepare for Christmas breakfast. Jason ran around playing. My dad even stopped in for a bit.

We went to Christmas Eve Mass at 4pm at our church. We will never do that again.  We did arrive early and it was packed! We had to sit in the entrance way because it was so crowded! I wish it was like that every Sunday. Jeff dressed Jason in a suit and he looked great. It was a shame that he couldn't sit with us because it was so crowded.

We held a small family party after Mass. Jason enjoyed having all of his grandparents in one place. We had good food, laughs and excitement.  Laura and Jason were so excited to open one present. I bought them new pajamas (it is our tradition.) 

When everyone left, Jason went to bed and Laura put out milk and cookies.  She also wrote a note to Santa.  Jeff cleaned up after Laura easily went to sleep (or bed at least.)

Santa came with quite a sack of gifts for Laura and Jason.  He even wrote them a nice note thanking them for being so wonderful. 

Jeff and I had trouble sleeping that night. I, especially, was up every hour.  I couldn't wait until all saw their gifts!

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