Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day of acceptance

Today is known as day of acceptance meaning accepting those with disabilities in society. But for the person who has the disability, I see it as so much more.

When I was little, I thought at 20 my cerebral palsy would disappear.  I thought it was just a trying period in life, but I wouldn't deal with it all of my life. Of course, I figured out there wasn't a magic Godmother who would wave the wand and I'd walk.

I think having a disability is a constant string of acceptance. Yes, we fight back with abuse and discrimination but for the most part, we are constantly accepting. I need to accept that I will never run up to my husband and hug him up right.  I'll never be able to cook dinner on my own or drive the car by myself.  I'll never be able to play with the kids exactly right.  

But it's all about acceptance. Everyday you wake up and either accept it or not.  The alternative is not very fun so you might as well accept what you can't change and try to change what you can.  I don't need society to accept me. I need myself to accept me and the rest will fall into place.

As the pieces fall, it might not be exactly how you wish they fit together. But it's just another thing to embrace, and yes, accept.


  1. Very well-put!

    I also kinda thought I'd "outgrow" my Cerebral Palsy. Well...I'm now 61, and still have it. Really, I can't imagine my life (a very happy life, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ) without my disability!