International child center divorce

January is international child centered divorce month.  Divorce is a devastating phenomenon in a family unit. However, sometimes divorce is inevitable and the children need to be a top priority.

In a perfect world, people would find someone who they share common goals, beliefs, ideas, faiths and fall in love. They get married and stay married until one departs by death.  But it isn't a perfect world.

People get married for the wrong reasons, too young to know who they really need or the person they marry aren't who they really thought they were.  Divorce happens. Too often children are the ones hurt in the divorce. They are used negatively by parents and the well being of the child is overlooked.

Children should never be used as blackmail or a tool. They are people who love both parents and are torn in two. All they want and need is love, peace and stability. They need somewhere to call home, have a meal and do their homework. They need safety and parents to work for their best interest.

No matter how you slice it, divorce is painful for husbands, wives and children. Children tend to take the fault on them even though it's not their fault at all.  Without bashing the other parent, children need to know it is never their fault and they are loved!

Together you need to figure out a schedule that will work with everyone. You don't want to uproot the child too much from their normal routine and life.  This can cause uncertainty, fear and chaos.  Pick a schedule and go over it weekly with every one so they know what to expect.

A child center divorce is the healthier approach to a miserable situation. When you are focusing on your child's health and worth, things will fall into place. 


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