Sunday, January 4, 2015

Into the basement

Christmas vacation always go by so quickly. The night of Christmas, I was so tired that I fell immediately to sleep. My cerebral palsy didn't help matters by making my muscles tight and spastic. Some medicine relieved that so I could get some rest.

Jeff woke up with the kids so I could sleep in. To my surprise, they cleaned the house and it looked great.  I helped straighten my room to the best of my ability.  Laura wasn't feeling great and my mom was coming over before we all visited my sister so Jeff put on a movie. The kids needed some down time. 

It was fun going to my sister's apartment. When you use a wheelchair, getting in and out of houses with steps isn't so easy. By all means it doesn't mean not to invite us places or to your house, but it's always nice to roll right into someone's home to visit.

On Saturday, we went out to breakfast with my dad. He came over to play with the kids. I had fun with Jason who insisted we play outside. All of us we went for a walk. As the day continued, Laura grew more sick. 

This time I took Laura to Urgent Care.  She had an ear infection! Fun stuff.  Thank goodness for Urgent Care.

On Sunday, my attendant came back to work. She was impressed how clean it was considering we had Christmas and company. We worked together reorganizing Jason's clothes and cleaning my room. She helped me get the house more in order.  We were having Jeff's brother and family visit.

Laura went with Jeff's brother for a two night sleepover. Laura loves her cousin and they did lots of fun stuff.  On Monday, we went to see the Hobbit.  It was pretty good.

On Tuesday, we took Jason to the Please Touch museum.  That will have a whole blog itself.  We also got Laura back home!

Wednesday was an exciting day! Jeff carried me down into our basement so I could clean and organize.  I felt very nervous about being carried down. I am scared we will fall and I will seriously hurt myself.  If I hurt my right arm, I'm in trouble because that's what keeps me independent.  I also do not want Jeff getting hurt.

I love organizing and have a clean house. I also like knowing what I have in the basement and where. We have quite a bit of trash to go up but now it's organized.

We were all fine and organized like crazy. I played with Laura in her playroom too. She always wants me to come down and play. However, due to steps, it isn't very easy at all.

That night I watched two movies and just hung out. We made it until midnight to ring in 2015!

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