Jason is 23 months

Jason is 23 months old!  He weighs 28 pounds and is growing fast.  It's hard to believe and has been such a pleasure raising him. 

Jason isn't saying exact sentences yet, but he is full of words. He is also full of babbling and it kills you not to be able to understand it. He does get his point across if he really wants something. Jason still says his phrases though. He says Mommy but prefers to call me Mom and Jeff, Daddy.  He also is getting the hang of the names of our pets.

He likes me to follow him, but he asks unconventionally.  Jason will say, "Mom!" Then he will pat his leg and make a noise you would when calling a pet. Not the best but he's still young enough that it's cute.

Jason likes to help around the house by putting dishes into the sink. This is a big improvement over last month when everything went into the recycling bin.  He gives me drinks and makes sure I have my phone.  Jason will also let the dogs in and out without going outside himself.  He's getting ready to ditch the high chair for the booster seat and the crib for a race car bed.

He still likes to dance, but to our dismay, not as much as he did.  He sings now to songs.  
Jason started off in September a very shy boy at story time. Now he participates with the songs and the gestures.  He isn't interested in the actual story though.  

Jason is excellent at sharing.  I give credit to him being himself, but Laura for sharing her toys and showing him the right thing to do. He doesn't cry when other kids take his toys. He just finds something else to occupy him.

Potty training is in the near future.  About a month ago, he would point to his diaper area and get my attention that he went in his diaper.  I find it funny that he tells me only. I can't change him but he knows I'll get the job done.

Recently he has been difficult to get his jacket on, but last weekend he changed.  He might still a little but he will come and stand by you.

Laura and Jason are the cutest duo.  He will let Laura do anything to him and for him.  He loves it when she brushes his hair.  Whenever Jason's excited about something,he throws his arms in the air and says, "yay!" He normally does this when Laura invites him in her room to play.

Both of our kids love technology.  He knows how to work an iPad better than some adults.  Jason loves to watch Mater from cars on Netflix.

I'm sad to see him grow up but excited to see all the fun things he will learn and do.


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