Ready to be healthy

I made it. I didn't want to miss my not writing already for my new year resolution.  This week seems like a blur to me. I began feeling rather sick on Saturday. I thought it was just because Laura kept me awake most of Friday night.

By Saturday night, after a full day of playing, Jeff told me to lay down in bed. It felt good to just lay down and watch Love it or List it. I think I dozed off 5-10min. After feeling better, I came out and Jeff made me dinner. We watched tv after putting the kids to bed. 

I slept ok but my throat was scratchy. I taught prep anyway and almost lost my voice a few times.  I planned on taking it easy the rest of the day but Laura and I were busy.  Jeff took the tree down and before I knew it, 8pm was here. The next day was early wake up because Jeff and Laura went back to school.

On Monday, I felt weaker and draining. But I pushed through with playgroup and errands. Jeff let me relax that night again and had an earlier bed time.  I took nighttime medicine and slept too good that I didn't want to wake up. 

I was really out of it Tuesday. My energy level was about a zero and everyone said I didn't look very good. I slept during the day which never happens. My nose was stuffy and just felt miserable.  That night I managed to help with homework but after dinner, I went straight to bed.  I slept 8-5 straight then off and on til 6:30.

I felt immediately better on Wednesday. My attendant was relieved because I worried her.  My student came and I did good teaching. Toward the end of the day I was sleepy but nothing like before.  Last night Laura told me to email her teachers to request more homework. Silly girl.

My husband was a great help to me.  I often push and push myself until he says go lay down.  When he says he has it, I believe him. The house was clean, kids fed and I felt comforted. I'm sitting here now with the kids as he studies. I think, if nothing else, our marriage represents teamwork. We pick up where the other leaves off and plays to our strengths.

I'm still not great yet, but getting there.


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