Red hair dancer

Happy Monday! I'm back for my five day per week writing challenge for the year. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging but sometimes life gets in the way, but a challenge keeps me going and focused.

My weekend had ups and downs. Friday was a very busy day. I cleaned most of the morning and ate lunch. My husband came home early from school so I was able to leave Jason with him. Doing errands are easier and faster for everyone involved.  

I decided to get my hair colored red. I actually was going for more of a strawberry blonde but it's definitely red. In high school and college, I was red but it has been a long time.  It took a long time also to get it colored too!

The most difficult part for my cerebral palsy is when I have to sit for thirty minutes under the dryer. At first, the heat felt good since it was very cold outside. But then the humidity kicks in and so does spasticity.  I'm also claustrophobic and trouble sitting still for a certain amount of time.  I survived though and really like how the color looks.

For rinsing, I tilt my wheelchair all the way back so my head is in the sink.  It can be a bit messy but gets the job done.  I'm very happy to have that option or I'd need transferring to a salon seat. 

Everyone seems to like my hair.  Laura said it looked, "awesome!!" I've gotten many compliments on it as well. I think I'll keep it awhile.

Jeff and I went dancing Friday night.  He told me on Wednesday not to make any plans on Friday night and he got us a sitter.  I was trying to recover a sickness but it's always nice to get out when there is the opportunity.  Plus I had my new hair to show off.

Even though I've gone out dancing several times, I still feel very self conscious.  I'm usually the only one who uses a wheelchair, but that's normal so I have no clue why that matters. Once I get comfortable though I have fun dancing and try to push back my bad feelings. 

Jeff and I dance very well together. We have choreography even to many songs that just happen. It's a lot of fun.

I must say that I really dislike how people act when they drink too much.  They are loud, obnoxious and can't trust behavior.   I stopped drinking completely because I don't want to act like a fool, I hate the taste and it makes me need to use the bathroom too much.  Bathrooms at bars are usually terrible for someone in a wheelchair.  Too small and crowded.

Some guy was nice, but obviously drunk. He kept trying to hold my hand.  He kept repeatedly asking me if I dance and even touched my joystick. Touching my joystick is like kicking or pushing someone against their will.  Not good. Thankfully he didn't dance with me since I hid whenever he came close.

Other than that, I pretty much had fun.  The guitar player came to me when leaving to thank me for coming and dancing.  I got to sleep at 2am and Jason woke up at 8. But it was worth it.

I'll share more about my weekend next time....


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