The age of wisdom

The age 39 has been a year of revelations and insights for me.  It's been a year of figuring out that I should not accept any nonsense. Some might have called me a push over before in certain situations, but at 39 I'm finally realizing my own self worth.

Age isn't a bad thing when it comes to maturity and wisdom. Yes, my body doesn't appreciate being older.  I feel it in my legs and hips especially in the cold. But I'm very happy to being more open with my feelings and my thoughts.

Speaking your mind sounds easy, but with a significant disability, it can be a scary. People like to intimidate you because you are weaker (they believe.) Some like to stand over you and yell until you agree with them. Some might even try to deny you care, take away communication or mobility aids just so you feel scared and give in to them.

I've been through every method by now, and it's taken me years to adjust my own worth and opinions. Standing up to those who bully is hard.  But when you do, you feel so much better about yourself.  Don't lose who you are because of fear. 

If the bullying continues, get help and get out. Yes, all that sounds hard to do and the process seems intimidating. After you do end it and settled, you'll be amazed how much better you will feel.

A light bulb moment for me was when I thought to myself what would my parents, my children or God think knowing how I'm being treated? If nothing else, think about that and it might give you the push to leave.


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