Urgent Care is the best

I'm so happy that Urgent Care exists in our area. Urgent Care is a place that has doctors and nurses that will see you without an appointment. The part that we like is that they are open on holidays and weekends because it seems that is when my family gets sick. They also take our insurance. 

On Saturday morning, I felt pretty good considering dancing the night before. We went to Costco and leisurely walked around. I was beginning to feel more and more not so great.  We got stuffed peppers and invited my dad over for dinner later that night. I hoped I'd feel better.

When we came home, I felt cold, nauseous and extremely tired. I rested as much as I could.  After dinner, I felt a little better. I thought maybe because I ate something.  I called out of teaching PREP because I didn't want to spread germs. I also had no problems going to bed by 8!

The next day I felt ok but tired. My nose was very congested and I had enough. When Jeff came home from work, he said he would take me to Urgent Care.  We went to one that we don't usually go to.  Mistake!

They were all very nice, but so slow and seemed unorganized. I think we were there an hour and a half.  I fell asleep at some point.  The outcome was that I have sinusitis, red tonsils and fluid in the ears. I was given antibiotics and on the way.

Jeff and I went to Sonic before going to the pharmacy.  Then home to eat lunch and took the medicine.  By Monday morning, I could tell I felt lots better.  I could actually breathe and didn't feel exhausted.

My husband is very compassionate when I am sick. He makes sure I am warm and have medicine plus rest. He always knows when I'm feeling sick because my CP movements act crazy.  I'm just not myself.  I love him very much.


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