Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spelling test tip for parents

Laura started having spelling tests in Kindergarten. As soon as she received her words, we study. Here are some tips you can use to make it fun and educational.  In all three years, she has received A's except four times.

Review each night.
Have the child spell the words orally but on the night before the test, have them write it out like the actual test.
Have them act out the words.
Make up siłly sentences to remember the spelling.
Make up songs to the spelling words.

Check out the web for other ideas!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cold weather tip for people with cerebral palsy

I have athetoid cerebral palsy and my muscles do not like the cold weather.  Living in Eastern Pennsylvania, this winter has been very difficult. My legs go stiff as a board when I go outside and my arm has spasms. Some people might feel as if this isn't a big deal at all. But what they don't understand is its hard to get muscles back.

Don't be foolish by being unnecessarily cold because you want to be normal. Bundle up, use gloves or mittens if your hands won't allow gloves. Get a poncho.  You can get stylish ones so you don't look like a tent.  Wear uggs. Honestly, they are the best for cold feet. Have someone warm up your car or van for you.  Use heating pads or electric blankets.

I always take my kids out to the bus.  However, in this severe cold, I have a friend take her or my attendent will walk her to the bus.  I'm only on this Earth for a set time. Might as well make it last. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Parents with CP tip - Use your tilt

The tilt function on a motorized wheelchair is great for a million reasons. But for a mom with a disability, tilt is an awesome tool. Both of my children have benefited from my tilt function making all of us just a bit more independent. 

When my son was two years old, he became fascinated when I tilted my wheelchair back. I let him stand on my footrests and will say, “up!” I slowly tilt my wheelchair as I have a firm hold on him with my knees.  I never go too high and go down. At two, he liked it simply for the fun of it and being with me. Also, he learned up and down plus how to ask questions.

Now that he is three, he uses tilt for more functional purposes than just entertainment. For example, when he wants to get something off of the table or counter, he will come and ask me to help him. He gets on, I tilt enough so he can reach the item and lower him down.  It makes him happy to be able to get what he wants and me happy to help him.

If my daughter is unable to reach something in the refrigerator, I can also help her by this tilting function. I absolutely love to assist my children as best as I can so things like tilt help make that a reality.

Monday, February 2, 2015

2:58 forever time

2:58am. That is the time that Laura entered into this world on September 21, 2006. That moment changed me completely and forever. But there is something else going on with that time.

As many of you know, I'm a Catholic and happily believe in the faith of the Catholic Church.  I also believe when someone dies, they aren't out of your life completely.  I believe they are quietly helping you through your journey until it's your turn to join Heaven.

I never believed this way until Israel died.  No one knew Israel died until 8:30pm but about 1pm,  I started getting signs that my gut could not deny that he had died. I'll never forget when I was sitting at my sister's unsure about the future.   I looked out the window and a dove sat on the window sill.  The dove stared back at me for awhile.  It was as if we were having a conversation, and Israel was telling me, "yes doves mate for life, but he had to leave me now." Then I knew that he had most likely had died and his soul was set free from his own mental demons.

Israel loved holding my left hand.  For months after he died, I would feel his touch on my hand. It wasn't my imagination because it happened at times that I wasn't even thinking about him.  It would first startle me then comfort me. This hasn't happened in a very long time and probably out of respect of Jeff.

Lights often flickered in my house. It was to the point where others noticed it too.  One night I was in bed and the fan sitting on my dresser turned on across the room.  Another time I woke up and the light on my bedside table was on.  Now all of this would normally freak me out or I would pass it off as my imagination.  But I just knew it was his way of telling me he still cared and was there.

So back to 2:58.  I don't remember exactly when it started but it was after he died.  I either wake up at 2:58am or in the afternoon, I just am triggered to look at the clock at 2:58.  This happened today, and I decided it would be a neat thing to blog about.

I definitely think this is also Israel giving me a sign.  Having Laura was the most amazing thing and he loved her completely. So, he's reminding me of the best thing that happened to us in that relationship.  It makes me think about Laura as well which is always pleasant.

Like many people, I'm terrified of the unknown of death. However, these little reminders knowing that love continues even after death eases some of my fear.

Top 8 wedding sites

Wedding month is celebrated in February! Many people think of June being wedding month but thousands become engaged in February. So let the planning begin with these awesome web sites. Some you might have heard of and not others. is an all in one wedding planning web site that offers advice, planning and organization beyond belief, wedding products, dresses to look at, registries and anything else to meet your wedding needs. offers you the opportunity to send thank you cards easily through your computer or tablet. It makes it easy for the highly busy couple to not forget to send their cards. gives you comprehensive wedding tools at your finger tips. You can find vendors, flowers, dresses, reception sites and more all in your local area. gives you a chance to design a magazine about you as a couple as well as information about each other's family.  You can also tell your guests about the area of the wedding and attractions they might want to see.  Use your imagination and have fun. lets you compare venues and prices in just a few clicks. You can compare prices, areas, what all they include and set up an appointment to take a tour. is a neat site that helps you make a seating chart. It has thousands of venues to choose from and make your own. It helps take the stress out of making the dreaded seating chart! helps you save money! You can find very gently worn wedding dresses for less money new.  Before you push away the idea, check out the site because they have very beautiful dresses. allows brides to rent very expensive wedding items for the special day without having to pay full price.  It's very easy to do and at a fraction of the full cost.

Enjoy planning! This time might seem stressful but it goes way too fast.  Remember the wedding day is only one day but a marriage lasts forever. Invest more in the marriage.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Popcorn day

The buttery, salty light snack of popcorn can make anyone's day a bit brighter. It's said that popcorn day is celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday. Some other sources say that popcorn day is celebrated in January. Either way, we can make the most of this popcorn day!

Going to the movies just isn't the same without buying a bowl of buttered popcorn. Yes, we all know how unhealthy buttery popcorn is, but once in awhile you just got to have it!  The aroma alone gets the taste buds dancing.

When television was invented in the 1950s, popcorn sales took a huge drop in sales. But when the microwave oven came and good old Jiffy Pop, sales went up again. Needless to say, popcorn will be around for a long time.

Instead of buttered popcorn, try s'mores popcorn, chocolate popcorn, caramel popcorn, spicy popcorn and many more.  Check out more recipes on

Laura at 8

Laura is eight years old, and is a pleasure to parent.  When I had Laura, I was nervous like any mom and wanted to make her childhood the best. I wanted to raise not only a smart girl, but also a kind, respectful and caring person.  I believe or hope that I'm succeeding.

Whenever I talk about Laura, I think people think I'm exaggerating or being overly biased about how good she is because she's my daughter.  But I'm not.  What I've learned recently was that Laura is a very unique child.  

When she was talking around seven months, I thought it was great, but being a first time mom I thought it was normal.  At one and a half, she was speaking in short sentences and sleeping in a toddler bed. She was always cautious and usually listened to me.  We always had a close relationship. I'm afraid that I took many of these things for granted.

Second grade has been great for Laura so far.  She is reading like crazy!  Laura is very helpful at home.  I feel bad at times because she is so willing to help, I wonder if we don't take advantage of it.  We always thank her for everything.  She likes math but loves science.  For Christmas, she was given many science kits, books and a microscope that she likes very much.

One thing that really becomes Laura is being a big sister! She is a remarkable sister that loves, teaches, protects and helps Jason.  She comforts him when he is hurt or sick. Even when he destroys some creation that she made, she is quick to forgive and forget. 

Like every mom, I wonder if I give her enough time.  Between Jason, my jobs, being a wife and just needing my own quiet, I pray she doesn't feel she is pushed aside.  Laura always tells me that I am a great mom and how much she loves me so that is a good sign.  

I love watching her grow, but at the same time, want to bottle up all her cuteness.  She's just simply amazing.  When she does act up, it's a surprise to us because it's unusal.  She can be sassy and normal eight year old attitude occasionally but I'd be a little nervous if she wasn't normal little girl.

Laura has a stripe on her orange belt in karate, swims and will be taking piano lessons.  

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