Cold weather tip for people with cerebral palsy

I have athetoid cerebral palsy and my muscles do not like the cold weather.  Living in Eastern Pennsylvania, this winter has been very difficult. My legs go stiff as a board when I go outside and my arm has spasms. Some people might feel as if this isn't a big deal at all. But what they don't understand is its hard to get muscles back.

Don't be foolish by being unnecessarily cold because you want to be normal. Bundle up, use gloves or mittens if your hands won't allow gloves. Get a poncho.  You can get stylish ones so you don't look like a tent.  Wear uggs. Honestly, they are the best for cold feet. Have someone warm up your car or van for you.  Use heating pads or electric blankets.

I always take my kids out to the bus.  However, in this severe cold, I have a friend take her or my attendent will walk her to the bus.  I'm only on this Earth for a set time. Might as well make it last. 


  1. My son has spastic cp and is 6 years old is the cold bad for him

  2. I Have CP and I am always cold .


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