Sunday, February 1, 2015

Laura at 8

Laura is eight years old, and is a pleasure to parent.  When I had Laura, I was nervous like any mom and wanted to make her childhood the best. I wanted to raise not only a smart girl, but also a kind, respectful and caring person.  I believe or hope that I'm succeeding.

Whenever I talk about Laura, I think people think I'm exaggerating or being overly biased about how good she is because she's my daughter.  But I'm not.  What I've learned recently was that Laura is a very unique child.  

When she was talking around seven months, I thought it was great, but being a first time mom I thought it was normal.  At one and a half, she was speaking in short sentences and sleeping in a toddler bed. She was always cautious and usually listened to me.  We always had a close relationship. I'm afraid that I took many of these things for granted.

Second grade has been great for Laura so far.  She is reading like crazy!  Laura is very helpful at home.  I feel bad at times because she is so willing to help, I wonder if we don't take advantage of it.  We always thank her for everything.  She likes math but loves science.  For Christmas, she was given many science kits, books and a microscope that she likes very much.

One thing that really becomes Laura is being a big sister! She is a remarkable sister that loves, teaches, protects and helps Jason.  She comforts him when he is hurt or sick. Even when he destroys some creation that she made, she is quick to forgive and forget. 

Like every mom, I wonder if I give her enough time.  Between Jason, my jobs, being a wife and just needing my own quiet, I pray she doesn't feel she is pushed aside.  Laura always tells me that I am a great mom and how much she loves me so that is a good sign.  

I love watching her grow, but at the same time, want to bottle up all her cuteness.  She's just simply amazing.  When she does act up, it's a surprise to us because it's unusal.  She can be sassy and normal eight year old attitude occasionally but I'd be a little nervous if she wasn't normal little girl.

Laura has a stripe on her orange belt in karate, swims and will be taking piano lessons.  

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