Top 8 wedding sites

Wedding month is celebrated in February! Many people think of June being wedding month but thousands become engaged in February. So let the planning begin with these awesome web sites. Some you might have heard of and not others. is an all in one wedding planning web site that offers advice, planning and organization beyond belief, wedding products, dresses to look at, registries and anything else to meet your wedding needs. offers you the opportunity to send thank you cards easily through your computer or tablet. It makes it easy for the highly busy couple to not forget to send their cards. gives you comprehensive wedding tools at your finger tips. You can find vendors, flowers, dresses, reception sites and more all in your local area. gives you a chance to design a magazine about you as a couple as well as information about each other's family.  You can also tell your guests about the area of the wedding and attractions they might want to see.  Use your imagination and have fun. lets you compare venues and prices in just a few clicks. You can compare prices, areas, what all they include and set up an appointment to take a tour. is a neat site that helps you make a seating chart. It has thousands of venues to choose from and make your own. It helps take the stress out of making the dreaded seating chart! helps you save money! You can find very gently worn wedding dresses for less money new.  Before you push away the idea, check out the site because they have very beautiful dresses. allows brides to rent very expensive wedding items for the special day without having to pay full price.  It's very easy to do and at a fraction of the full cost.

Enjoy planning! This time might seem stressful but it goes way too fast.  Remember the wedding day is only one day but a marriage lasts forever. Invest more in the marriage.


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