Tuesday, March 31, 2015


When I was little, I believed in kindness, love for each other and romance. I think this is just things that God created me to have.  Unfortunately, I witnessed too many unkind things that I'd even like to forget. However, I haven't given up on kindness.

The movie, Cinderella, has tapped into a piece of my childhood.  Courage and kindness.  People say that I'm courageous, but to me, I'm just living my life. Courageous is helping others in the most dire or difficult circumstances.  I had to tap into my courage though several times, but I think we all do at some point or the other.

Cinderella showed not only kindness but grace. Her life wasn't wrapped around her looks or possessions. She wanted people and all living creatures to be happy and comfortable.  Cinderella constantly put her own happiness on hold for the sake of others.  She is a true role model and a rare find in any movie.

Of course, the romance just makes your heart glow.  I couldn't stop smiling even if I wanted to (which I didn't.) Many ladies like the idea of looking beautiful and have the love of her life appreciate her.  I think it's just human nature and the movie successfully conjures up those feelings in each of us like it's actually happening to you.

One of the greatest thing I adored in Cinderella is that the prince didn't fall in love with her because of her appearance. He fell in love with her spirit and personality.  He didn't care about how much money she had or other material things. He loved her for just being her.

Forgiveness.  Cinderella forgave and forgave.  That is a powerful quality in a person to possess.  In a world that is cold and unforgiving, forgiveness goes a long way.  To forgive someone is to free your soul as the other person.

I obviously can't say enough about this beautiful movie. Please go see it in the theater and let the warm story surround you.  It's definitely worth watching and experiencing.

Monday, March 23, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Childhood is a second in our lifetime. I owe a lot to my parents, but my childhood wasn't the easiest.  At an early age, I knew how I would raise my children, and I do my best I can to accomplish this goal.

I try to make every holiday special. On St. Patrick's Day, I had the Leprechaun visit Laura with something small.  Nothing big or expensive. I thought her reaction was adorable.  So, every year, the leprechaun comes.

Laura always writes notes, and she wrote a note expressing gratitude and said she liked him or her for coming.  This year he gave her a book.  He gave Jason a neat truck/car set.  Jason didn't quite get the whole Leprechaun theme but he certainly enjoyed his gift.

I love being their mom and I know it won't last forever, but as long as I can, I will do the best I can.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Report card time

I can't say enough about Laura's school. I'm very happy we choose to send her there. She goes to a charter school and it's challenging yet cater to each student's strengths and weaknesses.  They are the number one charter school in Pennsylvania and we are so glad they are only a few minutes away.

Laura received all E's which is their equivalent to all A's. What I like about her report cards is that they give details in each subject about her successes and what she needs to improve on.  The only negative was that she needs to participate more in classes.  Not bad at all. 

But what really gets me excited is reading how helpful she is in multiple classes.  I read she helps other students, helps the teacher and helps clean the classroom.  I read how kind she is and she follows rules and directions.  She respects others and herself.

Excellent grades are always great, but someone with real integrity, kindness and genuine respect is so much more.  I'm blessed that she's not only my daughter, but my friend.

Jason coming out of his shell

 Jason is a very fun, outgoing guy at home. But when you went out in public, he would rarely smile or talk to anyone. Slowly, he's been coming out of his shell by giving people a high five, answering yes, and a smile.

The last week or so something changed, and I find it truly amazing as he unfolds. On his family birthday party, Jason greeted guests by saying Hi and sharing his toys.  He didn't mind sharing and was generous. He even gave people his beloved balloons to hold.

Then I noticed the next day, Jason saying Hi to people as we walked by. I always try to give a passerby a smile and a hello. I think it rubbed off.  I love that it takes people totally off guard that this little boy is saying "Hi" to them. 

Yesterday, at play group, he was very confident. Jason walked right into the room and played.  He used to just play in the general area that I sat, but he actually went across the room and played with other kids.  It was so cute and he wasn't scared when he couldn't find me right away even though I was watching him the entire time.

After cleaning up all of the toys, the librarian sings songs and reads a book. Jason has been doing the song, "shake it," pretty well for a few months.  But the other songs, it was touch and go.  Well, to our surprise, he did all the moves to all of the songs.  So, so precious.

He had yoga today where he preceded to say Hi to each child. This victory was annoying to other parents.  Jason was much more into talking to the kids then participating in class so we left a bit early.

Jason still loves buses.  He has since the beginning of the school year when he saw buses out the window.  Now when he sees a bus, he will say, "Hi bus!"  As they pull away, we hear "bye bus!"

Every new word, every new move and every new challenge met - I just want to bottle up.  Simply amazing. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Story time

I have been taking Jason to story time since he's been one.  It's been fascinating watching him develop confidence and learning new things. He has come a long way since the first time. 

Jason used to cling to us and get scared over everything. Now he plays, and knows most of the songs.  I love when he says, "mom, look'" whenever he's proud of what he is doing.  I'll never get tired of it.

Jason goes to about 5 classes a week and loves it. He will run up to me and hug. Then he will run to my friend and back again.  Jason loves the music and dancing.  He's not a fan of sitting through a story though or into the crafts just yet.

I'm so grateful to have a library so close with so many free programs for children.  Laura loved it too when she was a toddler.  We have been taking him to yoga too but he's the youngest one.  He doesn't quite get everything yet but he is catching on. I think it's wonderful that they have such programs. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Parent tip savoring the moments

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about the future.  At the library today I caught myself thinking, "I can't wait until Jason likes to sit through stories. Then I thought that it's silly to wish those things because it will come in its own time.  Why wish childhood away?

Each age has new challenges but also beautiful moments.  Time is something we can't control and we can't hit rewind. Although I'd love to go back to talk to Laura again at three or experience Jason's first laugh.  It's impossible.

So all we have is to live in each moment like it is our last. Don't rush growing up because it'll happen all on its own.  Our job as parents is to make each day as happy as we can.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jason is two

Jason is now two! I call it the terrific two instead of the terrible two. Why make it so negative?  

On his birthday, we went to the grocery store and I got him a balloon with the movie characters from Cars on it.  I never saw him so happy with a balloon! He stared at it and said, "mom, look!" 

Jason loves the Cars characters and show. It's neat to see that he recognizes pictures of characters now.  I just love seeing him learn, say and do new things.

We had a small party with our neighbors because they won't be able to attend his big party. We also gave him our presents. He was so funny when we did birthday cake. He couldn't figure out when we turned off the lights and started singing.  He went from confused to scared to happy in a matter of a few seconds.

Jason's favorite toys came from my neighbors.  They were sunglasses and a set of rescue vehicles.  Jason loves cars and trucks so this was right up his alley.

Jason is growing to be a fun and smart little guy. He is helpful, caring and courageous.  He's 27 pounds and 33in. 

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