When I was little, I believed in kindness, love for each other and romance. I think this is just things that God created me to have.  Unfortunately, I witnessed too many unkind things that I'd even like to forget. However, I haven't given up on kindness.

The movie, Cinderella, has tapped into a piece of my childhood.  Courage and kindness.  People say that I'm courageous, but to me, I'm just living my life. Courageous is helping others in the most dire or difficult circumstances.  I had to tap into my courage though several times, but I think we all do at some point or the other.

Cinderella showed not only kindness but grace. Her life wasn't wrapped around her looks or possessions. She wanted people and all living creatures to be happy and comfortable.  Cinderella constantly put her own happiness on hold for the sake of others.  She is a true role model and a rare find in any movie.

Of course, the romance just makes your heart glow.  I couldn't stop smiling even if I wanted to (which I didn't.) Many ladies like the idea of looking beautiful and have the love of her life appreciate her.  I think it's just human nature and the movie successfully conjures up those feelings in each of us like it's actually happening to you.

One of the greatest thing I adored in Cinderella is that the prince didn't fall in love with her because of her appearance. He fell in love with her spirit and personality.  He didn't care about how much money she had or other material things. He loved her for just being her.

Forgiveness.  Cinderella forgave and forgave.  That is a powerful quality in a person to possess.  In a world that is cold and unforgiving, forgiveness goes a long way.  To forgive someone is to free your soul as the other person.

I obviously can't say enough about this beautiful movie. Please go see it in the theater and let the warm story surround you.  It's definitely worth watching and experiencing.


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