Jason coming out of his shell

 Jason is a very fun, outgoing guy at home. But when you went out in public, he would rarely smile or talk to anyone. Slowly, he's been coming out of his shell by giving people a high five, answering yes, and a smile.

The last week or so something changed, and I find it truly amazing as he unfolds. On his family birthday party, Jason greeted guests by saying Hi and sharing his toys.  He didn't mind sharing and was generous. He even gave people his beloved balloons to hold.

Then I noticed the next day, Jason saying Hi to people as we walked by. I always try to give a passerby a smile and a hello. I think it rubbed off.  I love that it takes people totally off guard that this little boy is saying "Hi" to them. 

Yesterday, at play group, he was very confident. Jason walked right into the room and played.  He used to just play in the general area that I sat, but he actually went across the room and played with other kids.  It was so cute and he wasn't scared when he couldn't find me right away even though I was watching him the entire time.

After cleaning up all of the toys, the librarian sings songs and reads a book. Jason has been doing the song, "shake it," pretty well for a few months.  But the other songs, it was touch and go.  Well, to our surprise, he did all the moves to all of the songs.  So, so precious.

He had yoga today where he preceded to say Hi to each child. This victory was annoying to other parents.  Jason was much more into talking to the kids then participating in class so we left a bit early.

Jason still loves buses.  He has since the beginning of the school year when he saw buses out the window.  Now when he sees a bus, he will say, "Hi bus!"  As they pull away, we hear "bye bus!"

Every new word, every new move and every new challenge met - I just want to bottle up.  Simply amazing. 


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