Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jason is two

Jason is now two! I call it the terrific two instead of the terrible two. Why make it so negative?  

On his birthday, we went to the grocery store and I got him a balloon with the movie characters from Cars on it.  I never saw him so happy with a balloon! He stared at it and said, "mom, look!" 

Jason loves the Cars characters and show. It's neat to see that he recognizes pictures of characters now.  I just love seeing him learn, say and do new things.

We had a small party with our neighbors because they won't be able to attend his big party. We also gave him our presents. He was so funny when we did birthday cake. He couldn't figure out when we turned off the lights and started singing.  He went from confused to scared to happy in a matter of a few seconds.

Jason's favorite toys came from my neighbors.  They were sunglasses and a set of rescue vehicles.  Jason loves cars and trucks so this was right up his alley.

Jason is growing to be a fun and smart little guy. He is helpful, caring and courageous.  He's 27 pounds and 33in. 

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