Report card time

I can't say enough about Laura's school. I'm very happy we choose to send her there. She goes to a charter school and it's challenging yet cater to each student's strengths and weaknesses.  They are the number one charter school in Pennsylvania and we are so glad they are only a few minutes away.

Laura received all E's which is their equivalent to all A's. What I like about her report cards is that they give details in each subject about her successes and what she needs to improve on.  The only negative was that she needs to participate more in classes.  Not bad at all. 

But what really gets me excited is reading how helpful she is in multiple classes.  I read she helps other students, helps the teacher and helps clean the classroom.  I read how kind she is and she follows rules and directions.  She respects others and herself.

Excellent grades are always great, but someone with real integrity, kindness and genuine respect is so much more.  I'm blessed that she's not only my daughter, but my friend.


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