Story time

I have been taking Jason to story time since he's been one.  It's been fascinating watching him develop confidence and learning new things. He has come a long way since the first time. 

Jason used to cling to us and get scared over everything. Now he plays, and knows most of the songs.  I love when he says, "mom, look'" whenever he's proud of what he is doing.  I'll never get tired of it.

Jason goes to about 5 classes a week and loves it. He will run up to me and hug. Then he will run to my friend and back again.  Jason loves the music and dancing.  He's not a fan of sitting through a story though or into the crafts just yet.

I'm so grateful to have a library so close with so many free programs for children.  Laura loved it too when she was a toddler.  We have been taking him to yoga too but he's the youngest one.  He doesn't quite get everything yet but he is catching on. I think it's wonderful that they have such programs. 


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