Sunday, April 26, 2015

Go to the core and find Jesus

Sun came streaming through our bedroom window as I sighed at the clock saying it was 6:55. Our alarm went off at 7 and I didn't want to get out of bed.  I could have easily slept until 8. 

Today was the second to the last prep class. It was a fantastic year and went by too quick.  My classroom aide did a great job and we complimented each other well.  I taught first grade, and they quickly accepted me with disability and all. I love teaching. 

The rest of the day was full of family and fun.  Jeff cooked steak in the grill and it was yummy!

Before bed, we watched Grey's Anatomy. Of course, I cried my eyes out.  It bought back painful memories of Israel's death. It was sudden, unexpected and changed me and Laura forever.  Losing someone takes all your strength that all you can do is rely on Jesus because your soul is stripped to the core.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Holy Communion retreat

Jeff worked this morning so Jason and I hung out.  Laura had her First Holy Communion retreat today. Luckily, my dad could take her to it because I had to stay with Jason. My dad came over in between though and hung out in case I needed any help.

Laura had an excellent time.  They made things like a Tabernacle and tasted the bread to get an idea of what it would taste like. She said she wished she could do it again! I thank the volunteers for that.

Jason and I played a lot. He also showed off his new found language development to my dad by saying ball, apple, car, duck and more. He also says school bus, truck, helicopter, train, no way, please help.  He's getting there!

When Jason napped, I did a few things on the computer and played the Sims.  Not very productive but my mind needed a break.  Jeff mowed the lawn for the first time this year.  He didn't miss it.

Tonight we went to Wegman's grocery store.  Jason sat in a seat at a kids table and watched TV as he ate.  We were really floored when he threw out his trash without asking or prompting.  He even threw ours away.

At Lowe's, he loved exploring and running around. He'd never go too far without yelling mom or dad.  He liked climbing on the tractors and seeing what they are like.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Getting ready for the big day

Laura was very cute this morning before school. She wanted me to go over plans for Holy Communion. Her First Holy Communion is next week. She has been learning more and more this year in preparation during PREP. She has wonderful teachers too.

I told her that her great grandfather is planning to attend. Her eyes lit up, and replied, "I knew it was special, but I didn't know it was that special!" Laura was definitely excited.  I explained receiving Jesus is more special than we can ever comprehend.

I'm also excited for her. I got up before six to order the party food. I bought her dress and shoes weeks ago, and a few special gifts.  I can remember sitting in Mass when Laura was two and my grandfather told me that it wouldn't be long until she received.  It seemed like so long until then but now it seems much too short.

This week I'll be running lists in my head to make sure everything will go smoothly and most importantly, she's happy.  I'll try to contain myself seeing that sweet girl wearing white and having her first moment of receiving Jesus.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Play dates are fun

It was an exciting day at our house for Laura. Her friend came over for a play date in the afternoon.  They have been friends since kindergarten.  We love the story that Laura told us was that they bonked heads on the playground.  They've been pretty much best friends ever since.

I taught Prep first and Laura had her class.  Then we went to breakfast with my dad. Laura was getting anxious that we would be late getting home, but we weren't. 

He was here right on time. They did very well, and had a great time together. Jason tagged along too after his nap.  They had so much fun that her friend didn't want to leave. Definitely a good sign and looking forward to more play dates. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Being a mommy...

My disability does not get in the way of my mothering.  When I think about my children, cerebral palsy is the least thing I think about. Sure, I feel little jabs of, "oh, I wish I could help with....'" but all parents feel that way.  It's like my disability fades away when we are together and I'm simply, "mom."

Jason is the perfect example of this.  He's only two but knows just about everything I can and cannot do for him. He also knows what I can and can't do for myself.  If I'm without a drink, he'll find one. He'll tell someone I need food and where my plate goes so I can reach it.  He will feed me without question and pick up dishes.  All of this just seems natural flow and not a word needs said. 

Jason knows what I say and takes it seriously. To him, I'm mommy and that's all there is needed. Others might change him, bathe him etc but Jason knows I'll always support him and make sure everything that needs to happen does happen.

Today, at yoga and toddler time, Jason must've said my name thirty times.  Everyone knew I was his mom.  He likes to stand on my footrest and hug me (and steal my phone sometimes.) He makes me feel so good and like I'm doing a good job.

Laura tells me often that I'm the best mom in the world.  Whenever I hear these things, I know my disability is just a part of life. It doesn't hold anyone back unless you allow it to.  Embrace being who you are and others will follow.

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