Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Being a mommy...

My disability does not get in the way of my mothering.  When I think about my children, cerebral palsy is the least thing I think about. Sure, I feel little jabs of, "oh, I wish I could help with....'" but all parents feel that way.  It's like my disability fades away when we are together and I'm simply, "mom."

Jason is the perfect example of this.  He's only two but knows just about everything I can and cannot do for him. He also knows what I can and can't do for myself.  If I'm without a drink, he'll find one. He'll tell someone I need food and where my plate goes so I can reach it.  He will feed me without question and pick up dishes.  All of this just seems natural flow and not a word needs said. 

Jason knows what I say and takes it seriously. To him, I'm mommy and that's all there is needed. Others might change him, bathe him etc but Jason knows I'll always support him and make sure everything that needs to happen does happen.

Today, at yoga and toddler time, Jason must've said my name thirty times.  Everyone knew I was his mom.  He likes to stand on my footrest and hug me (and steal my phone sometimes.) He makes me feel so good and like I'm doing a good job.

Laura tells me often that I'm the best mom in the world.  Whenever I hear these things, I know my disability is just a part of life. It doesn't hold anyone back unless you allow it to.  Embrace being who you are and others will follow.

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