Getting ready for the big day

Laura was very cute this morning before school. She wanted me to go over plans for Holy Communion. Her First Holy Communion is next week. She has been learning more and more this year in preparation during PREP. She has wonderful teachers too.

I told her that her great grandfather is planning to attend. Her eyes lit up, and replied, "I knew it was special, but I didn't know it was that special!" Laura was definitely excited.  I explained receiving Jesus is more special than we can ever comprehend.

I'm also excited for her. I got up before six to order the party food. I bought her dress and shoes weeks ago, and a few special gifts.  I can remember sitting in Mass when Laura was two and my grandfather told me that it wouldn't be long until she received.  It seemed like so long until then but now it seems much too short.

This week I'll be running lists in my head to make sure everything will go smoothly and most importantly, she's happy.  I'll try to contain myself seeing that sweet girl wearing white and having her first moment of receiving Jesus.


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